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  1. How GMO Food makes us sick and fat

    Obesity used to just be a problem of the West, but our insidious fast modern culture has spread worldwide along with our junk food habit, so obesity is practically taking over the globe. One of the culprits? Genetically modified ingredients. Obesity rates do not reflect the often-spread rumour of biotech...
  2. 10 Foods That Help You Sleep Better

    By Michelle Ullman Bedroom Expert   When too many nights spent tossing and turning cause you to dread your bedroom, instead of looking forward to slipping between the sheets, there’s no need to automatically reach for a sleeping pill. Instead, change your bedtime snack to a food known for its sleep-enhancing...
  3. 14 Signs You Need to Detox

    Dr. Sara Gottfried M.D.   I learned about detox from feeling sluggish and like my liver was overtaxed, and finally realizing a good detox was in order. I used to think detox was a luxury, now I realize it’s an imperative.   What Are 14 Signs That You Need Detoxification? Tally how many...
  4. 14 Reasons You’re Always Tired

    Feeling sluggish? Ditching these bad habits that drain your energy will help. Reasons why you’re always tired by Linda Melone Lack of sleep isn’t the only thing sapping your energy. Little things you do (and don’t do) can exhaust you both mentally and physically, which can make getting through your...

    written by Dr Alison Kamffer At this time of year many of us are feeling the effects of too much rich food, and the sales of Enos probably skyrocket! So, what is “indigestion’? So called indigestion can take many forms, and have many causes, being common in the overweight, in...
  6. How to bounce back from burning out

    by ANDREA AYRES-DEETS How does one recover from burnout? How do you start all over again? What it means to burnout There’s no clear cut definition of what burnout is but the term first appeared in the 1970s from the psychologist Herbert Freudenberger. Freudgenberger and his colleague Gail North identified...
  7. 10 Symptoms of Gluten Intolerance

    More than 55 diseases have been linked to gluten, the protein found in wheat, rye, and barley. It’s estimated that 99% of the people who have either gluten intolerance or celiac disease are never diagnosed. It is also estimated that as much as 15% of the US population is gluten...
  8. Food preservatives linked to obesity and gut disease

    Emulsifiers in Food Linked to Obesity in Mice Dina Fine Maron The common food additives altered mice microbiomes to encourage gut inflammation and overeating. Inside our guts is a diverse ecosystem of bacteria: the microbiome. But the makeup of the community can depend on what we eat. Emulsifiers are food...
  9. 17 Home Remedies For Blocked Nose or Stuffy nose

    Blocked nose or Stuffy nose is the common term used for the problem Nasal Congestion which if not treated at the earliest will result in sinus problem or even blockage of nose and several other serious issues. Reasons for this stuffy nose can be viruses, increased nasal membrane, allergic reactions...
  10. How a 130-Pound Weight Loss Transformed One Woman’s Life

    With the support of friends and family, Dacia Root changed her lifestyle through fitness and healthy eating. Here, she tells her story “I never believed that I deserved happiness,” says Dacia Root, 36 of Pensacola, FL, as she reflects on her weight loss journey. “I hid behind my fat. I...

    Find out why wearing sunglasses is less about being cool and more about keeping kids eyes safe from UVA and UVB sun damage. While you’re busily slathering your preschooler in SPF200 make sure you don’t forget to be equally mindful of his eyes. Consider these simple tips for protecting little...
  12. Festive Season Drinking

    With the festive season on our doorstep, I am sure many of you are wondering whether you can have an occasional drink or 2, after all, moderate alcohol consumption is supposed to be good for your health! Can you have a drink while trying to lose weight? The straight answer...

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