1. Just Jump! Swimwear

    just jump! offers an exclusive range of children’s and teen swimwear, sun or rain hats, towelling hoodies as well as rain coats, created with uniquely designed prints on premium UV50+ protection lycra that is chlorine resistant. just jump! was born in Cape Town late 2013. Relocation to South Africa’s creative and textile hub with a passion for, and background...
  2. Spring Allergies and How to Handle it

    Spring is beautiful, but it’s also a key time of year for seasonal allergies. As plants release pollen, millions of people with hay fever start to sniffle and sneeze. There’s no cure but you can take steps to curb springtime allergies, from medication to household habits. Causes The biggest spring...
  3. Kids and Food

    It’s no surprise that parents might need some help understanding what it means to eat healthy. From the MyPlate food guide to the latest food fad, it can be awfully confusing. The good news is that you don’t need a degree in nutrition to raise healthy kids. Following some basic...
  4. Child Safety and Security Tips

    Are you constantly worried about your kid’s safety? Do you feel it is important to lay down a few safety guidelines for your kid both inside and outside the house? The text below contains tips on child safety and security. They are simple, common sense suggestions that will help keep...
  5. Keeping Kids Safe from Predators Online and Offline

    Jerry Sandusky. Michael Jackson. Mary Kay Letourneau. All of these individuals were accused and/or convicted of committing unspeakable crimes against children. While certainly upsetting, these high profile cases are a good opportunity to spark a conversation with your kids about staying safe, as parents are the first and most powerful...
  6. Anger & Defiance Part 1: Passive-Aggressive Child Behavior

    Anger & Defiance Does your child have anger management issues? Do you feel as though you’re constantly in power struggles because your child refuses to follow the rules? If so, you’re not alone! Passive resistance, tantrums and angry outbursts are tough child behavioral issues and many parents feel powerless in...
  7. Le Bonheur – Crocodile Farm

    11 DAILY GUIDED CROC POND TOURS DAILY CROC CAGE DIVES TWICE DAILY SNAKE SHOWS ON WEEKEND DAYS CATCH AND RELEASE BASS FISHING ACCOMMODATION PIZZERIA | PICNICS www.lebonheurcrocfarm.co.za info@lebonheurcrocfarm.co.za 021 8631 142 Babylonstoren Road, Simondium, Paarl   Le Bonheur crocodile park is the home of a bask of 200 African Nile...
  8. Sibling Rivalry: Good Kid vs. Bad Kid

    As an advisor to 1-on-1 Coaching, I frequently hear calls involving sibling rivalry conflicts. An important thing to remember is that sibling rivalry is a normal emotional state in children. Children compete with each other for their parent’s approval and affection. In fact, adult children still can feel competitive about...
  9. PingMe – GPS Watch Phone for Kids

    Keeping families connected! The PingMe GPS kids watch is so much more than just a time piece, it’s a cell phone and GPS location device all blended into a cutting edge piece of wearable technology for kids aged 3 and up. Utilising the supported App, parents are able to keep...

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