School Union Press School Union Press is a community-centric news hub that keeps students in the loop and parents in the know! ‘SUP is always the first to share the freshest scoop, as it happens!

Wanna know what’s ‘SUP? With the freshest scoop, as it happens, we keep students in the loop and parents in the know!

SUP also takes on the more vital tasks of communication between South African schools and their parents and has become an integral part of the participating school’s operations through their weekly newsletters. You’ll never forget a civvies day again!   Social Sharing Coming soon! Sign up, and be the first to know how you can share, swap, sell and socialise all in one place!     
Newsletters Parents, ever heard of FOMO? The Fear of Missing Out is what you will have if you don’t sign up to find out the latest in your child’s life. But, you would know that if you have already registered! ‘SUP is also a way for parents, schools and students to get to know each other, and to share their news, needs, events and sporting achievements. Here, you’re just a click away from a handshake! School Union Press takes on the vital task of weekly communication between schools and parents and has become an integral part of participating school’s operations. SUP also shares and incorporates cool, interesting, fun and informative articles written by experts, on a wide range of relevant topics relating to anyone in the process of raising a family. 
Advertising The benefits of marketing through ” SUP ” are endless but to keep things fresh, here are just some of the main points to consider: a/  Family households are the biggest group of consistent spenders in most communities                b/  By advertising in a specific school’s newsletter you are able to choose an area that you would like to target. c/  Your advert is incorporated in school newsletters packed with vital information from schools that is viewed daily by parents,    teachers and students, aiding in targeting your products to a specific age, income or in the case of some schools also gender.                                 d/  Schools are a seen as a vital, long-standing and integral part of any community. By marketing through ” SUP ” your business is supporting schools and their learner’s families, who in turn are more likely to think of your service first when the need arises!                                        e/  Your business’ link with the community becomes strong, familiar and much more intimate.  

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School Union Press is a community based news hub that keeps parents in touch with the everyday happenings and activities at their children’s schools

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