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Human beings are the most amazing creatures. As the pinnacle of creation, we have a resilience second to none, with the ability to bounce back, to stand when things are crumbling around us and to keep hoping for better days.

No matter what one hears on the news, there are some people who have a peace that passes understanding, while others are fearful of the what the future holds and still others are vaguely optimistic. 

What can we expect in this country, with a weak currency and political manipulations?


Many people have left this country and there are pockets of South Africans in various other nations, where our people have sought a more stable, more conducive environment to raise their children.

Some of us have no intention of leaving. Some are unable to leave, due to the high financial standards set by immigration laws in other countries. Some realise that no matter where one lives on planet Earth, this is an imperfect world and it looks like we are living in, well, ‘interesting’ times.

I found this blog about human beings helping others in dire circumstances.

For the young people who aspire to their hopes and dreams of flying high one day. Here are . . .

Best Graduate Degrees worth the effort

Perhaps similar careers are of value in our beloved country.


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