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Is Information Technology a good career to get into?

Some say, ‘Yes’. Others say it is no longer such a grand idea. 

Below is an extract from an American list. It shows the top 10 jobs, plus I.T. related positions, lower than 10. 

But how about our own beloved country? Here is data on South African positions. 

And here is a South African career list, in alphabetic order. 

RankOccupation# of JobsMedian SalaryUnemployment Rate
2Registered Nurse712,900$65,7902.0%
4Computer Systems Analyst120,440$78,6702.5%
6Database Administrator33,600$75,3901.3%
7Software Developer143,400$89,5304.0%
8Physical Therapist65,740$77,9304.7%
9Web Developer65,740$77,3904.7%
10Dental Hygienist68,300$69,4802.8%
13Computer Programmer43,730$72,2303.7%
20IT Manager55,830$118,3102.9%
23Computer Systems Administrator96,600$70,9703.9%

The list above was taken from Top-100-careers (in USA) ID-10038983

Another interesting bit of career related information (again in USA) is the 20 Industries Where Jobs Are Coming Back 

When thinking about a career, consider 7 Steps To Take Before Choosing A Career 


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