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Exercise and smoothies

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People of all ages like to look and feel vital and healthy. As you may have noticed, power, energy and stamina can change with age. Many take pills, powders and shakes to try to loose weight. But are those supplements good for you in the long term? Is fat really the culprit in modern society’s common fat and flab problem. Many so called health snacks have high sugar, artificial sweeteners and flavors. Again, are they really good for you in the long run? Marketing gets many to believe that those gadgets ‘as seen on TV’ are the equipment needed for fitness and well-being.


I found a fitness program that claims to be different and effective, but the cost is $39.95, which translates to over R400.

Here are some exercise ideas, which will cost nothing.


(Not responsible for other content on these sites . . .)

Power is the amount of work your body can do in a given amount of time. Basically, a combination of strength and stamina.

High intensity training for a short periods of time are said to be more effective than hours and hours of working out.

About 4 – 25 minutes per day is as much as you will need if you do high intensity training.

Bell weights, pull-bars and bar weights seem to be key to an intensive training program. When you do a chin-up, pulling your own body weight up, it uses more muscles than just your arms, which are the only muscles being exercised in bicep curls. Whether you use bell weights, as seen in the picture, or bar weights, those used by serious weight lifters, a few minutes of these intensive exercises can be more beneficial than an hour or two on the more tedious, but less strenuous  exercises.ID-100304106

The three sites listed above are simply samples to prickle your interest and are not from the site with the cost attached.

You can do the research for more intense training programs that will minimize risk of injury and maximize results. If you are interested, drop me a line and I can send you links to what I found.

(Not involved in any of the sites nor promoting any program for gain)


I recently acquired a blender from Yuppiechef, who delivered it to my door. It was a Jug Blender with Food Mill & Grinder. Convenience at its best.

The first two smoothies I tried were shudder-shakes. I finished them because I knew there was good nutritious food in there, but shuddered with every swallow. They tasted that bad . . . 

The next few shakes were much better, in fact, quite delicious. 

Apple (1 or 2) with mango (1) and yoghurt was especially delicious. As was the same with a half a pineapple instead of the mango.

Apple with grapes (a handful) and a quarter mango and water was quite nice.

Bananas with cocoa and some honey, with yogurt, was a downright treat. Almost as nice with milk instead of yogurt.

Of course, adding frozen fruit, ice, etc is optional if you want that cold, refreshing smoothie. Although in winter, colder is not always better. Some, slightly less strict health-nuts, might even add ice-cream, for added flavor. 

What NOT to do

The first shudder-shake contained a LOT of spinach. I erroneously assumed more was better, but too much of a good thing is not so good. Believe me! I managed to finish it, but it needs the flavor of the other ingredients. Spinach, or kale, is meant to be a small part of the flavor while giving the nutritional boost you are looking for. 

The second shudder-shake contained 4 apples with milk. I sent a desperate plea for help to my friend, who has been enjoying shakes for some time, and again, managed to finish it. Sugar and honey did not help much. It needs the stronger flavor of mango, grapes, yogurt or something else that I have not tried yet.


Enjoy life. Healthy food need not taste horrible.


Images courtesy of marcolm at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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