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Getting Ready to Quit Smoking for New Year’s

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Smoking Cessation Expert
“I’m going to quit smoking for New Year’s…again…”

If you’re like most of us, the list of resolutions you put together in anticipation of the year ahead includes changes you’ve tried to make before.

Quit smoking … lose weight … save money … get more exercise …

The things we most want to change in our lives are often elusive and left unresolved, year after year after year.

Have you put any thought into how you’ll make your New Year’s resolutions really stick this time around?

Wouldn’t it be nice to finally check off the Quit Smoking for New Year’s item on your list once and for all? What a nice thought!

Looking Back Before Moving Forward

If you had goals in mind for this year that you weren’t quite able to complete, take a little time to reflect on progress you’ve made over the last year that will ultimately move you closer to your goal.

It can be so easy to overlook our advancements and instead only focus on the things we didn’t accomplish.

For instance, if losing a certain amount of weight was a goal you didn’t reach, you might feel as though you failed. In truth, you might have lost some weight and made changes to your lifestyle that will ultimately support more weight loss. Perhaps you’re getting out for a half hour walk most days of the week now, and you’re eating a healthy breakfast regularly.  Note accomplishments, however small, and build on them over the coming year.

If you tried to quit smoking and relapsed, you probably learned important lessons about activities and mindsets that don’t support cessation, like drinking alcohol early in your quit program, or letting unhealthy thoughts of smoking gain steam.

While it may feel like you failed, you didn’t. As long as you got the lesson the relapse had to teach you and you don’t give up on quitting, you haven’t failed.

Getting an accurate picture of where you’ve been will give you clues about how to create a better plan for where you want to go.

Create a List of Accomplishments, Big and Small

  • Did you exercise for 6 months last year consistently? Write it down.
  • Did you learn something important from a failed quit attempt? Reflect on it.
  • Did you pay down some of your credit debt? Figure out how much less you owe now than you did at this time last year.

We are always our own worst critics. Even though the goals you hoped to achieve last year may not have been completed, it does no good to beat yourself up over it. Instead, think about the positive improvements you did make and resolve to build on them this year. Look ahead at the coming year with confidence.

Create Your Wish List

Something I do at the start of every new year, my wish list commits my intentions to paper for the coming year. I list out everything I’d like to bring into my life on that list, from personal improvements to home improvements to trips I’d like to take. Anything is fair game. Some years the list is long and detailed, other years there are just a few big goals on it.

I then tuck my list away and leave it be, taking it out only at year’s end to review.  Setting our intentions in writing is a good way to start the ball of change rolling. Try it this year.

Looking Ahead at Smoking Cessation

If quitting smoking is on your list of goals for the coming year, there’s no time like the present to get started. Use the following links to find information around About.com Smoking Cessation that will help you prepare for a successful quit program.

Preparing for Your Quit Date

Why Should I Quit Smoking?
Why do you want to quit smoking tobacco? What are your reasons? Making a list of reasons for quitting is a good first step toward successful smoking cessation. 

Why Do I Dread Quitting So Much?
Regardless of how much we want to stop smoking, almost every smoker has a fear of quitting. 

Developing the Will to Quit Smoking
Learn how to build solid mental resolve to quit and stick with it.

Prepare to Quit Smoking 
Use these tips to get you ready for the big day.

After the Last Cigarette
We often think we’ve smoked too long for quitting to be of any benefit.  Learn how your body starts to heal just 20 minutes after your last cigarette.

Nicotine Withdrawal A to Z
Knowledge is power, as they say.  Learn what to expect from nicotine withdrawal ahead of time, and you’ll be able to plan ways to cope with it and hold onto your quit.

About Smoking Cessation Support Forum
An active community of ex-smokers with new members joining daily.  Stop in and browse.

Make your dreams come true this year. Don’t be afraid to quit smoking. You have every bit as much ability to quit smoking as the next person. Believe in yourself and the sky truly is the limit.

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