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Boost your motivation levels

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By Zelda Buitendag

Every now and again we all lose a bit of momentum when we try to lose weight. If it is holiday time, chances are even more this might happen. Here are a few tips to boost your motivation levels:

  1. Acknowledge your achievements:

It is time you give yourself the acknowledgement you deserve. Rewarding yourself for a job well done with that special dress or pair of shoes, can help orienting you to be positive about yourself, your attempts and your mindset. This can help motivate you in the right direction.

  1. Become your own motivational coach:

Remember the power of positive self talk? It is time for a mind shift.  Challenge negative thoughts and ask yourself if things are really as bad or overwhelming as they seem. Most of the time we tend to catastrophize  or anticipate worst outcome scenarios. If you can identify these negative thoughts you can change them. You need to be your own coach to change the way you are thinking.

  1. Identify and manage stress levels:

There are so many tips on stress relieve available on the internet and social media. Stress is something most people are burdened by. It is worth taking time to learn how to unwind on a daily basis. Stress can break down your motivation in no time. When we stress we don’t want to be bothered by other things. Planning a healthy meal can seem like a trivial thing that we don’t want to spend time on when we are stressed, yet it can be a very important aspect if we want to lose weight.

  1. Get enough sleep:

Sleep is very important. Many people do not realise just how important. If we do not get enough sleep we are grouchy and irritable. Sleeplessness or insomnia leads to mood disturbances, memory problems and weight gain.

  1. Rally support:

The people we surround ourselves with has an impact on us, emotionally and in other ways. It is important that you check if you are surrounded with people that support and encourage you. Some people are outright ‘poisonous’ to our wellbeing. If you can’t negotiate a better understanding with them, avoid them if possible.

  1. Spirituality:

Our belief system plays a significant role when it comes to motivation. It adds to purpose and goals of life. Most people have some kind of belief system. It help making us calm in the face of crises and difficulties. To work on your motivation level, it is important that other areas of life are calm and on track, otherwise it may be difficult to concentrate on your motivation to work on a specific task.


This article was written by the SureSlim Psychologist, Zelda.

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